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Many homes with flat roofs have an enclosed channel or pipe, called a canale, to pass the water outside the wall where it can fall to the ground. They can be round, square or rectangular, and protrude from the wall from 4" to 12" or more. Rain chains work best with a vertical water source, where the water is pointed down onto the chain. Suspending a chain from the end of a canale doesn't work very well. Closing the end of the canale is dangerous to the roof, as water can back up if the hole for the rain chain isn't large enough to drain quickly enough.

This can also cause excessive splashing. At RainChains. This is a sleeve that fits over the existing canale. We make these to order because there are so many variations in size and shape.

Notice how the end is not completely enclosed, but has a lip. This keeps the water draining into the hole for the rain chain, unless there is a downpour and then excess water can pour out the end. If you are interested in this special order product, please call us at We will need a few measurements from your canale to make you a correct extension. The extensions are made in pure brass.

We use brass because it's a stronger material than copper, but still ages beautifully to a dark brown. This customer had TWO pipes coming out of the wall. Now the double rain chains drain into a rain barrel for garden use. Made specially to not interfere with the fancy korbels!

canale extension

To order call toll free RAIN All Rights Reserved. Canales and Rain Chains Many homes with flat roofs have an enclosed channel or pipe, called a canale, to pass the water outside the wall where it can fall to the ground. Examples of canales: To hang a rain chain from a canale, the following guidelines will be helpful.

Canale extensions, not yet installed: Notice how the end is not completely enclosed, but has a lip.Canales are drain spouts that drain water from flat roofs.

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They are a feature of Southwestern architecture. Do you have problems with your canales draining onto patios, sidewalks, walls, or roofs, and causing problems with flooding? Does the water damage and stain your stucco? Does ice form on your sidewalks, patios or driveways in cold weather and cause hazards?

Placing a rain barrel under a canale is a good start, but water may miss it during high rainfalls, and winds will cause some water to miss the rain barrel. A rain chain helps but causes enormous icicles, and water still blows off it in the wind. Cutting a hole in your canale is difficult and time consuming and can lead to issues with sealing your roof and canales.

We welcome customer comments! Please send your comments through our contact page. Please email us at canalecatcher gmail. You can also reach us at Home You are here: Home.

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Even in wind, you will still send the water where you want it. Downspouts are sold separately. We also offer installer information on our installer page.


Check out our latest customer installation example in our customer gallery. Questions on measuring or installation? Check out our new Installers page! Previous Next. What is a Canale?The Canale Downspout Adaptor allows rainharvesting of rainwater from the roof into a safe piped system that will collect the rain water no matter how hard the wind is blowing and pipe it into the rainwater storage tank. Simple to Install.

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The Rain Harvesting Canale Adaptor can be installed in a matter of minutes with minimal tools required. Clean Rain Ultra is an all-in-one downspout filter, first flush diverter and storm water overflow in a highly compact and functional product. This model fits 3" and 4" round PVC pipe to the water collection tank. Graf Mondo Gallon Rain Barrel.

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Leader Divertron Automatic Submersible Pump. The Gallon water storage tank is available in Black and Dark Green to blend with the environment, provide additional protection from UV rays and reduce algae growth. Includes 16" threaded lid, 1. The Graf Mondo Rain Barrel is attractive and sturdy with internal steel support rods. Rectangular design is space-saving and fits neatly against a a wall or fence. The gallon capacity is one of the largest rain barrels on the market.

Shown with optional base. This model comes with screened inlet. RainFlo gallon in-ground rainwater collection system. Includes everything needed for a complete rainharvesting system.

canale extension

Package bundle with Calming Inlet, Overflow Siphon, 4" flexible pipe coupler and two 4" Multi-Tite gaskets for standard inlet and outlet plumbing of rainwater collection tanks. RainFlo professional above ground rainwater collection system. You choose the tank and this above ground package includes everything else you need to construct your own rainwater collection system.

The Gallon Complete Above Ground Rainwater Collection System includes everything, mostly pre-assembled, for added 'plug and play' convenience, required for a complete rainharvesting and reusing system. Free Shipping with Economy Service to 48 contiguous states. AK and HI shipped at discounted rates. The 1, Gallon Complete Above Ground Rainwater Collection System includes everything, mostly pre-assembled, for added 'plug and play' convenience, required for a complete rainharvesting and reusing system.

Graf EcoBloc Light modular water storage systems feature unlimited storage capacity, flexible design options, ease of inspection and integrated filtration shafts. Please call for additional configuration and freight pricing. Standard configuration includes threaded lid as well as factory installed fill and drain.

RainFlo gallon above ground rainwater collection system. Rain Harvesting Pty 3" First Flush. A simple and effective first flush water diverter that requires minimal maintenance. The ultimate high performance self-cleaning downspout filter By screening leaves onto the ground, the Leaf Eater prevents gutters from blocking and eliminates a fire hazard.

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Since the beginning of his career, canale has been a true pioneer of his style, leaving clients with hair that is healthy as it is gorgeous.Never deal with the decay, cost or maintenance of traditional wood canales again. Unlike most industry standard roof canales made of wood and sheet metal which deteriorate rapidly in a few short years, our Fiberspan Concrete Canales Roof Scuppers endure the most extreme of weather conditions for many years.

With simple and straightforward installation, Fiberspan Concrete Scuppers easily attach to flat roofs and parapets for superior strength and durability. The wood grain design looks beautiful on traditional pueblo style homes or our smooth finish on contemporary style homes.

Our hand cast Fiberspan Concrete Canales are made of a concrete composite and fiber reinforced heavy gauge mesh. Our weatherproof concrete scuppers will stand the test of time, while keeping the traditional aesthetic of wood or contemporary smooth. Built with the strength to hold the heavy weight of winter ice, year after year. Fiberspan Concrete Canales Roof Scupper is a permanent, no maintenance solution. They will still look beautiful, endure time and the elements, even fire, for decades to come.

When it comes to designing your home there are areas that you may need to cut corners to stay within your budget, but your roof drains should not be one of them!

Not only will they eventually need to be replaced, but once they deteriorate, you may also have to deal with repairs to your roof and walls due to water damage around the parapet- this can get costly! Even the more expensive copper covered canales would eventually lose their integrity because there was no way to keep the wood interior from getting damp and rotting.

Our Fiberspan Concrete Canales are constructed to solve all of these problems.

canale extension

The innovative design of being one monolithic piece which wraps around the parapet prevents water from seeping into the walls or pooling on the roof. Our Canales are made with a proprietary concrete composite reinforced with a fiber mesh for superior strength. Also, unlike the wood canales, Fiberspan Canales has a variety of beautiful designs from a traditional wood grain appearance to a sleek contemporary style.

Fiberspan Concrete Canales roof scuppers are made at our facility located in New Mexico. We ship nationwide. Fiberspan Concrete Canales Scupper Drains offer several designs and profiles to choose from. A choice of a Add additional wood blocking if needed for solid attachment to roof and parapet. Fiberspan Concrete Canales Scupper Drains are installed behind parapet for superior strength.

Fiberspan Concrete Canales are made to stand the test of time. Engineered to install with ease and carry the weight of winter ice, year after year. Say Hello to Your Perfect Home. About Fiberspan Concrete Canales.

Why choose Fiberspan Concrete Canales? Fiberspan Concrete Canales Style Choices. Contemporary Smooth Color Options.

Available in Bronze, Pewter or Limestone.Drainage on a flat roof or nearly flat is very important. Usually you are not seeing a flat roof, but a parapet or wall that contains the flat roof.

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A parapet is a low wall projecting from the edge of a roof, platform or terrace. Drain spouts that protrude through the roof parapets are called canales. Canales are commonly made of wood reinforced with a metal lining. Southwestern adobe style flat roofed homes traditionally use canales instead of gutters to drain water from a flat roof.

Parapets are very common in London; in projecting wooden eaves were banned due to fire risk. Sometimes heavy rain fall has trouble passing through the canales openings fast enough to prevent water from puddling on the roof. Regular yearly inspections of the canals can insure nothing is blocking them and they are in good condition.

Also check where the roof meets the parapet to look for possible places for leaks that may need roof repair. Other ways to allow more water to drain is by making the opening in the parapet larger than the canals. Canales should be avoided on the north sides of roofs since the parapet can give too much shade causing freezing and ice blockage and damaging the roof.

You can prevent erosion in your yard from the canales drainage by using rain barrels under the spouts.

The water saved can water your yards and growing beds and used for other non-potable water needs. Get a free quote from a roof contractor in your neighborhood in seconds! We never share your information and only seek to put you in touch with the best local roofer in your area.

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